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View over Magaluf Bay                                                     Mallorca Rocks Hotel Magaluf

Mallorca Rocks Magaluf, Magaluf BayMallorca Rocks Magaluf, Mallorca Rocks Hotel

Mallorca Rocks Magaluf

Mallorca Rocks in Magaluf

Mallorca Rocks was founded by Andy McKay following the success of

Ibiza Rocks in 2004. Andy and his brother Mike, originally from Lincolnshire,

started their business with Manumission in Manchester. Following the clubs huge success, the brothers decided to try this theme in Ibiza which has also had incredible success.

Ibiza Rocks started with shows in Bar M, a little Bar on the seafront in San Antonio Bay near to the Hotel Arenal. Bar M had a chilled atmosphere and played great music. Eventually gigs were organised leading to the opening of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel in 2008.

Mallorca Rocks Hotel Entrance                                    Mallorca Rocks Shop Magaluf

Mallorca Rocks Magaluf, The Mallorca Rocks EntranceMallorca Rocks Magaluf, Mallorca Rocks Shop

Mallorca Rocks Holiday Hotel Magaluf

The success of Ibiza Rocks led to Andy's decision to open the Mallorca Rocks Hotel in 2010. Although the Hotel proved to be very popular with young tourists, the local people were initially concerned about the venture and the effect it would have on the community. This year in July, Mallorca Rocks celebrates it's third birthday and local attitudes towards the operation have somewhat relaxed. Security within the Hotel and during the Gigs is extremely high. You will not gain entrance without a reservation or ticket.

Mallorca Rocks Hotel in Magaluf is a Hotel with a difference! The rooms centre around a giant poolside featuring live gigs every week.

Apart from the super swimming pool the hotel has a poolside bar and a Mallorca

Rocks Shop. You will also find another shop in the centre of Magaluf which sells

a variety of branded goods from T shirts, caps, shorts etc.

The Hotel is in a great location, although on the edge of the resort, it is within easy reach of everything you need during your holiday. There are plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs within easy reach.

Magaluf Tourist Information                            Magaluf Restaurants, Cafes, Bars

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Mallorca Rocks Swimming Pool                                    Mallorca Rocks Pool Bar

Mallorca Rocks Swimming PoolMallorca Rocks Pool Bar

Mallorca Rocks Opening Party                                      Mallorca Rocks Hotel Shop

Mallorca Rocks Opening PartyMallorca Rocks Shop

Official Rocks Doctor opposite Hotel Entrance

mallorca rocks doctorHopefully you will not need a doctor

during your holiday however if you should need one, there is a dedicated official doctor opposite the Hotel. We advise in addition to a European Health Card you

buy private medical insurance before


You can book tickets on the official website here

If you book now, you only have to pay 25% deposit!

or you can call this UK telephone number

0044 (0)20 8133 1540

Mallorca Rocks Hotel Entrance                                    Magaluf Beach Cafes

Foyer / Entrance at Mallorca Rocks HotelMallorca Rocks Magaluf, Magaluf Beachside Cafes

Mallorca Rocks Pre-Gig Boat Party 'Rocks The Boat'

magaluf boat tripmallorca rocks entrance 2013

If you want to get into the Party mood take the Mallorca Rocks Boat Trip 'Rocks The Boat'

Tickets are available in Magaluf but you can buy discounted tickets for the 'Rocks The Boat' Party at the rate of 35 euros direct on the Mallorca Rocks Website!

OR you can call this UK number:

0208 133 3930 

The boat trips trips with the resident DJ on board run on Mondays and Fridays at 1400 during 2013. Other regular trips are available in the resort.




outside mallorca rocks hotel

View of main Hotel and Entrance


Magaluf Information

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Palma Airport Bus

Mallorca Rocks Magaluf, Palma Airport Bus

Transport to Magaluf

The cheapest transport to Magaluf is by local bus.

You can take the Palma Airport Bus to Plaza de Espana Station in Palma. From there you can take the Magaluf

bus to the resort, it's really cheap!

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Mallorca Rocks Magaluf

This holiday is definitely for the young and lively, we hope you enjoy

Mallorca Rocks

Mallorca Rocks Magaluf


Mallorca Rocks Magaluf, Mallorca Rocks Map

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Mallorca Rocks Tips

If you are going to the

gigs make sure

you drink plenty of water with your


Use plenty of high

factor sun-cream to

avoid sunstroke, it can happen very easily in summer

Book early to avoid

disappointment especially if you want to reserve Mallorca

Rocks Hotel

Mallorca Rocks Magaluf