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Cruise Ships in Palma Port Palma Mallorca from Bellver Castle

Palma Mallorca Cruises, Cruise Ships PalmaPalma Mallorca Cruises, View from Bellver

Palma de Mallorca Cruises


Why visit Palma by Cruise Ship?

There are a wide range of Cruises available both visiting and departing from Palma de Mallorca. Arriving by Cruise Ship is a wonderful way for visitors to enjoy the best of Palma. Unlike many Cruise destinations the Port is very close to the City. You can easily walk directly to the Centre or take a taxi, this is a great bonus. Once there you can visit the Cathedral together with numerous Historic Sights or enjoy some serious Shopping! Depending on how much time you have available you could also travel a little further to see some of the other Mallorcan Resorts or Island Attractions.

Palma Architecture famous C&A building Cruise ship in Palma Port

Palma Mallorca Cruises, Palma architecturePalma Mallorca Cruises, cruise ship in Palma Port

Palma Port

The Port and Marina stretch the entire length of the City and this is a complete maze of small boats, large yachts and of course Cruise Ships. You can take a walk along the Paseo Maritimo (seafront) enjoying the scenery stopping for some coffee or a meal along the way in one of the numerous Cafes or Restaurants.

In recent years Palma has proved to be a very popular destination for Cruise Ships of all sizes to dock for a short while. The number of passengers travelling to Palma by cruise ship has risen steeply over the last few years largely due to events in other parts of the world.

The Port Authority recently reported record numbers of Passengers visiting Palma.


A further Ponient Port extension was completed to cope with this ever inceasing demand. This improvement has enabled up to 12 ships to dock at the same time bringing an immense number of people to the City.

See some cafes and restaurants here

You can see a useful plan of the Port and city here

Costa Favolosa at Ponient Port Club de Mar

costa favolosa palmaclub de mar palma port

Changes in Cruising Routes

Problems over the last few years in the Middle East, Tunisia and Greece, have contributed greatly to the volume of ships and passengers visiting Palma.

Typical Street of Palma Mallorca Plaza de la Reina in Palma

Palma Mallorca Cruises, Palma typical streetPalma Mallorca Cruises, Plaza de Reina

Cruise and Fly

Also proving popular is the combined option of Cruise and Fly. This type of holiday enables you to have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy cruising around the Med for a week before arriving at the final destination of Palma. You can then stay in Palma or select one of the many Resorts before flying back to your local airport.

View of Palma Cruise Ships from Almudaina Palma de Mallorca Cathredal (La Seu)

Palma Mallorca Cruises, Palma PortPalma Mallorca Cruises, Palma Cathedral La Seu

Sightseeing Trips

Many of the Ships Tour Operators offer various Sightseeing Trips of the City or Island Tours. One of the most popular trip destinations is Soller and Puerto Soller. You can take one of the organised trips or you can travel there independently.

From the Port you can reach Soller easily by Car in approx 30 minutes or you could take the Train and Tram from the Plaza de Espana in the City Centre.

Soller Information more..

Valldemossa Information more...

Day Trip to Soller on Train and Tram Palma Mallorca's ancient streets

Palma Mallorca Cruises, Soller TrainPalma Mallorca Cruises, Ancient Streets Palma

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