Guide to C'an Picafort - Playa de Muro - Tourist and Travel Information

The resorts of C'an Picafort (Municipality of Santa Margalida) and Playa de Muro (Municipality of Muro) lie together, next to the large tourist area of Alcudia and Puerto de Alcudia in the north of Mallorca. You can now travel to there direct from the Airport on the Airport Resort Buses

There are a vast number of Hotels here with many of superior quality. Most Hotels and Apartments run alongside the beach and main road into the resorts.

C'an Picafort Beach                                                             Playa de Muro Beach

Guide to C'an Picafort - Playa De Muro - Tourist and Travel Information, Hotels, C'an Picafort Beach Guide to C'an Picafort - Playa De Muro - Tourist and Travel Information, Hotels, Playa de Muro Beach near many hotels and apartments

Beach Bars and Restaurants C'an Picafort             Beach at C'an Picafort

restaurants beside beach c'an picafortc'an picafort beach

The Beaches

The beaches of both resorts are extremely well kept and run the entire length of the resorts before merging with the beach at Alcudia. You will find plenty of sunbeds, parasols, pedalos and various watersports available. There are also coastguards on duty at various points on the beaches and tourists should pay attention to the flag displayed as water currents can be strong in this area.

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Main Street C'an Picafort                       Restaurant in main Street            Ice Cream and so much more...

Guide to C'an Picafort - Playa De Muro - Tourist and Travel Information, Hotels, C'an Picafort Main Street, IndianGuide to C'an Picafort - Playa De Muro - Tourist and Travel Information, Hotels, Restaurants, Italian, SpanishGuide to C'an Picafort - Playa De Muro - Tourist and Travel Information, Hotels, Ice Cream

C'an Picafort and Playa de Muro Restaurants

There are numerous Restaurants, Bars and Cafes some lining the promenade beside the beach and the others in the main road and sidestreets in Town. You will find a varied range of food on offer from Spanish, Mallorquin, Italian, Indian and British.

As with most the resorts they tend to be busiest in July and August with early and late season being the quietest. Cycling is very popular in this area and this brings a number of Tourists in the cooler months of the year. A designated Cycle track runs alongside the beach proving to be very popular with families.

The area is very flat with a lovely promenade running alongside the beach.

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c'an picafort shops bars restaurantsplaya de muro promenade and cycle track

C'an Picafort shops, bars, restaurants                     Playa de Muro promenade, cycle track  

C'an Picafort/Playa de Muro Hotels

Many of the Hotels in both resorts offer All-Inclusive Holidays. As the demand for this type of holiday has increased greatly, many restaurants, cafes, bars and shops have suffered from the loss of trade due to the lack of money tourists are willing to spend.

Some businesses have closed down altogether and many have shortened their trading from 7 to 4 or 5 months only.

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You can reserve many of the hotels online or you can choose to book a package holiday with everything includes see more

Shopping and Markets

Shops in Playa de Muro

shops in playa de muro

There are many small shops in the resorts selling of kinds of tourist items and basic groceries.

You will find a Mercadona and Eroski supermarket (chain supermarkets) in C'an Picafort near the main road where you will find a much larger choice of fresh meat, fish and groceries at very reasonable prices.

You can visit the local markets, Fridays in C'an Picafort and Sundays in Alcudia and Muro. If you are going to the market, make sure you arrive early because many of the stalls pack up around 1300.

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Tourist Information Offices

Guide to C'an Picafort - Playa De Muro - Tourist and Travel Information, Hotels, 2 tourist information offices in C'an Picafort and Playa de Muro

You will find a Tourist Information Office in both resorts specialising in each area. They can provide you with information, leaflets and maps as well as having an attendant who can help with any questions you might have. Remember to collect your free map!

Check out the local council (Ajuntament) website see more

(option for English)

Your Local Tourist Information offices can be found here

Visit the Islas Baleares official website here

Tourist Trips and Attractions

Visit Pollensa or Alcudia for a Day Trip

pollensa port

From the resorts you can easily visit Alcudia, Pollensa or Puerto de Pollensa for the day.

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Car hire is easily available in the resorts from ticket/tour offices or hotel/apartment receptions. You can also take the local bus as there are plenty of routes to choose from.

More information on local bus routes

Car Hire and other transport around the Island.

Alcudia Hidropark Waterpark

alcudia hidropark waterpark

Alcudia Waterpark (Hidropark) is a short distance from C'an Picafort or Playa de Muro. You can arrange this trip with a tour operator or a ticket office in the resorts or you can go independently on the local bus. The Waterpark (Hidropark) is the smallest on the island but there are still a good variety of slides and is a very pleasant day out. There is also mini-golf available in the park.

Visit the Hidropark website here

Boat Trips

boat trips

You can arrange various boat trips to other destinations around the Island. One particularly good trip from the resorts is to Pollensa and Formentor where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery from the boat.

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C'an Picafort Karting

Guide to C'an Picafort - Playa De Muro - Tourist and Travel Information, Hotels, Karting in C'an PicafortYou can enjoy a visit to the F1 Go Karting in C'an Picafort just behind the Industrial Estate as you approach the resort from Arta. The trips are available locally or you can travel independently.

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Ranch C'an Picafort

Guide to C'an Picafort - Playa De Muro - Tourist and Travel Information, Hotels, Horse Riding in C'an Picafort

If you enjoy horse-riding, you can arrange a trek from C'an Picafort Riding near to Mercadona (you will see the horses beside the main road)

The charge is just over 20 euros for 1 hour trip

Times are hourly from 1000-1200, 1500-1800

3 hour treks can also be arranged

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Englishman's Bridge                     Entrance to S'Albufera                    S'Albufera Wetlands

the Englishman's bridges'albufera nature parks'albufera wetlands with rare species of birds

You can visit S'Albufera the beautiful protected nature reserve where many tourists enjoy rambling or birdwatching. The entrance to S'Albufera natural park is opposite the Englishman's Bridge (dedicated to O E Woodhouse) which is on the main road to Alcudia.

Nature Reserve - S'Albufera

The Nature Reserve of S'Albufera is enjoyed by many nature lovers. Many tourists who enjoy bird-watching spend many hours in the reserve photographing their favourites of the rare species of birds.

Fire damage C'an Picafort

fire damage in c'an picafort

This is an area of countryside near to C'an Picafort and Playa de Muro which was damaged by a fire in 2011.

It is vital for all tourists to take extreme care when in the countryside, particularly when the weather is very hot and dry. This is when fires can start easily and spread very quickly destroying anything in their path.

C'an Picafort and Playa de Muro are modern tourist areas enjoyed by many

people visiting Mallorca. We hope that the increase of all-inclusive hotel holidays

will not result in a decline of the overall tourist amenities currently provided in the area!



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boat trip where you can see cliffs pollensa

We recommend a boat trip, the scenery is amazing!


There are a lot of mosquitoes in the area, buy repellent, it really does work!


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