Palma Airport Parking

Find out where to Park, Collect or Drop-Off Passengers at Palma Airport

If you are travelling to Palma Airport by Car, you have several Short-Stay or Long-Stay Parking options. Here we list the options available together with a guide on where to Park when you are Collecting or Droping-Off Passengers for a flight. Before travelling to the Airport you can check out the Arrivals or Departures

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Approaching the Airport

As you approach the main Airport roundabout you have several options for Express, Short or Long Stay Parking, to Collect or Drop-off Passengers. Follow the signs carefully if you miss your exit don't worry you can easily re-route!

Short and Long-Stay Parking at Terminal Building

Express Short Stay Car Park Multi-Storey Car Park

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Opposite the Terminal Buildong on the ground level you have an open-air Short Stay Express Car Park beside the Multi-Storey Building. This is free for the first 15 minutes, with the tarrif thereafter displayed at the pay machines.

The Multi-Storey Car Park is the Official Airport Parking with various options from Short to Long-Stay also Fast Short-Stay Parking on the 4th Floor with direct access to the Terminal Building. You can get a quotation online. This Car Park also has a VIP Parking Service where you can leave your car at the Drop-off parking area beside the Terminal Building for your car to be parked by a driver on floor 5 or 6 of the Multi-Storey Car Park. This is a more expensive option.

Drop-Off Parking

Building Drop-Off Parking Double Parking

palma airport drop-off double parking at  drop-off palma airport

You can drive to the Drop-Off point which is outside the 2nd Floor of the Airport Building. Be aware the waiting time here is restricted to 2 minutes and there are Wardens patrolling. This has very limited space and can be a very busy with many people double-parking at peak flight periods.

Other Options near the Terminal Building

Park & Fly (Short/Long Stay) Long-Stay Outdoor Car Park

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At the Airport roundabout you will see the Official Long-Stay Outdoor Car Park (Larga Estancia). Another option there is a private Company, Park & Fly who also have a website

If you travelling to or from the airport without a vehicle you can check out other Transport options.

Palma Airport Parking

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