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Find out where to Park, Collect or Drop-Off Passengers at Palma Airport


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You have a number of official parking possibilities at Palma Airport. We have listed the Short and Long Stay parking options together with a guide on using Express Parking to pick-up or drop-off passengers.

Before setting off for the Airport, keep a check on the Flights Arriving in Palma or Flights due to depart.

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Approaching the Airport

As you approach the Airport from the Motorway, you have several options for Express, Short or Long Stay Parking. Follow the signs carefully however, if you miss your exit don't worry you can easily re-route.

Parking at the Terminal Building

Express Short Stay Car Park Multi-Storey Car Park

short stay palma airportmulti storey parking palma airport

Express Arrivals

Opposite the Terminal Building on the ground level you have an Express Short Stay Car Park for Arrivals, time limited to 15 minutes. There are pay machines.

Drop-Off Parking Double Parking

palma airport drop-off double parking at  drop-off palma airport

Express Departures

You can drive up to the Express drop-off parking for Departures outside the 2nd Floor of the Airport Terminal Building. Be aware waiting time here is strictly limited to 10 free minutes. If you go beyond this you will have to make payment for the complete duration of your parking time before leaving. Wardens patrol the area regularly to ensure that people do not overstay. During peak flight periods, due to limited parking spaces, the area can become congested with vehicles being double parked.

General Parking at Terminal Building - Multi Storey Car Park

The Multi-Storey official Airport Car Park is directly opposite the Terminal Building. It is recommended to use this parking option for short stays (a few days) as it can become expensive for longer durations. Parking in the Multi Storey Car Park is ideal for those requiring disability assistance as there is a bridge link direct to the Terminal Building.

VIP Parking

Palma Airport has a VIP Parking Service where a representative will park the vehicle on your behalf in a restricted secure area. You hand over the keys and the vehicle is taken care of. To find more on VIP Parking, please visit the Aena website

Park & Fly (Short/Long Stay) Long-Stay Outdoor Car Park

park & fly long-stay car park mallorca

Outdoor Car Park - Long Stay

palma airport long stay parking

For longer durations, it is recommended to use the official Long-Stay open air Car Park at the edge of the Terminal Building. You will see signs for this as you approach the large roundabout which leads to the Airport. The outdoor car park (Larga Estancia) can be pre-booked online with discounts. There is a courtesy bus which runs back and forth to the Terminal Building.

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Palma Airport Parking

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