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Visit the beautiful historic village of Deia in Mallorca deep in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains

Deia how to get there

Deia, a small Municipalitity in the Tramuntana Mountains, is a delight to visit. The views along the coastal road are absolutely stunning together with some magnificent scenery near to Deia village itself. Many tourists drive the 20 minute journey to the region after visiting Soller or Valldemossa along the MA10.
You can travel to this area by the local TIB bus service however most people prefer to rent a car, allowing freedom to visit all areas of interest on the same day.

Deia Countryside Deia's Beautiful Coastline

deia countrysidedeia beautiful coastline

When you reach the village of Deia you will find a couple of car parking areas plus some blue zones where you can park for a short duration.

Deia Village Road Deia Village Street

deia village roaddeia village street

Deia - Robert Graves

Deia was home to Robert Graves the famous Poet and writer. He lived there for 56 years from 1929 and you can visit still visit his house there which has been preserved in its natural state since his death.

Deia Hillside Street Deia, View over the Valley

deia hillside streetdeia, view over valley

Deia Village Church and Cemetery

If you take a walk up into the hillside, through the narrow village streets, you can visit the Parish Museum, the Church of Parroquial (dedicated to Sant Bartolome) and the Cemetery at very top of the hill. It is a fairly steep walk therefore you have to be reasonably fit to get to the top!
From the Cemetery, you have spectacular views over Deia and the Valley beyond.

View of Deia from Coastal Road Deia'a Defence Cannons

deia view from coast roaddeia defence cannons

View from Deia Parish Church and Cemetery View of Deia from Church Cemetery

view from Parish Church and Cemeterydeia view from cemetary

Deia Defence Tower Monument at foot of Church San Bartolome

deia defence towerdeia monument at foot of Church Parroquiual San Bartolome

Deia - Museums

During the trip you can also visit the Son Marroig Museum, next to the Monastery of Miramar or the Archaelogical Museum.

Information from the local Ajuntament here

Driving Through Deia View from Deia Village to the Sea

driving through  deiadeia view from village to sea

Deia - Combining the Visit

In general because Deia is so tiny you will find only a couple of village shops selling basic provisions plus a couple of cafes and some restaurants.

Deia, although worth seeing, is best to combine with a visit to other nearby places of interest in the region.


Look out for the well known Belmond La Residencia Luxury Hotel and Spa as you drive through the Village.

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valdemosa near deiapuerto sollertransport by car

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Deia Mallorca

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