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Q. Are taxis available at Palma airport ? A. Yes exit the building from the arrivals floor 0 then follow the taxi signs.

Q. If we use the public bus service to get to our hotel in Palma city centre what luggage can we take on board please? A. Hi there is the bus from the airport to the city depends on which hotel where you will get off. You can take normal luggage. see more

Q. How much is the Palma airport bus to the City and where is the stop ? A. As you come from arrivals floor 0 follow the sign over to the bus stop. There is also a stop at departures on floor 2. The price is 5 euros for a single ticket see more

Q. We would like to book the soller train in advance is that possible? A. It doesn't seem to be an option on the official website see more. You can pay at the train station

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Frequently Asked Question - FAQ's

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