Live in Mallorca -Living in Mallorca (Majorca)

A Guide to Living in Mallorca (Majorca) with information on Work, Schools, Health Care, Retirement and Buying a Car

So you want to live the dream by moving to Mallorca? Although it is a lovely idea, there are many things to consider especially since Brexit.

You will need to research many topics such as Work, Education and Schools, NIE numbers, Residency, Retirement, Health Service, Buying a Vehicle, Renting or Buying a Property or Business and of course Annual Taxes!

You will find some useful general advice on moving to Spain in the GOV site

Want to Live in Mallorca?

Majorca is a very beautiful island in which to live, the summers are very hot and the winters, although chilly for a couple of months, usually have a good share of sunshine.

If you have decided to work in or retire to the Island, it is very important to make sure that you have all of the relevant information you will need in advance of moving which will prepare and help you during this transitional stage.

Rules and laws in Spain are forever changing and it is essential to have the most current information. A useful information link is the europa website

If you decide to run your own business on the Island, make sure that you do your homework beforehand and employ an English speaking administrator (Gestor) or Lawyer (Abogado) to guide you and look after your interests.

NIE Number (National Identity number for foreigners)

One of the first things you will need to do is apply for an NIE number which is an identity number for living here. You will need this in order to get a contract for work or to buy or sell items such as houses, cars etc.

Bank Account

bank majorca

You will need to open a Spanish Bank Account. You can open the account using your passport, however some banks prefer to use an NIE number. As well as a euro account you might want to consider opening a sterling account, an option available in some banks. Banks in Spain also offer competitive rates for savings accounts, insurances and mortgages. You can ask for a quote in your local branch.

Residence Certificate

If you decide to make Mallorca your home, it is best to register your residence with the Spanish authorities. 

You can arrange for a Gestor (Administrator) or Abogado (Lawyer) to take

care of all legal aspects of living and working in Spain. They can do this for you for a fee.

Alternatively you can travel to Palma independently to complete each step of the necessary paperwork. You will need to take all necessary documentation with you i.e. Birth certificates, Marriage Certificates, Passports, Empadronamiento (certificate from Ajuntament office -council that you live in that municipality) NIE certificate and you might also need a Certificate of Convivencia if you have a child (also obtained from your local Ajuntament office). Take everything you can think of with you because you don't want to have to make a return trip! In most cases you will be also be asked to provide a copy of each relevant document.

Due to a recent change, even if you are re-applying for Residencia, you are

required to provide proof of employment or pension status. This can be your last three pension or work payments (wage slips).

You will have to complete paperwork (you are given some assistance) then you have to pay a tax in a local bank, returning to the office where the Residence Certificate (Residencia) will be issued by an official.

The queues can be very long therefore make sure you allow plenty of time.

One advantage of being resident is that you qualify for up to 75 percent reduction on flights within Spain. When booking a flight online remember

to select the resident discount before completing the purchase.

You might need to take an up to date Certificate of Empadronamiento as proof to the Airline that you qualify for the discount if you are not verified online at the time of reserving.

Health and Education

schools in majorca

If you have employment in Majorca, you are covered for Health Services while you are working because your employer will be paying your social security contributions.

If you are self-employed (autonomo or running your own business), you will be paying your own contributions and while you continue to pay these you also will be covered.

One person in a family paying contributions automatically covers any other family members. (eg Father working - wife and children will be covered for health care)

If you are unemployed during the Winter months, you will be covered by the Health Service for a limited period (normally 90 days) following the end of your employment.  Sometimes this is extended, depending on how many contributions have been made over a period of time.

Once you begin work whether it is a contract of employment or self employment, you will need to visit the local Health Centre to register under their care. Due to a recent change, it is necessary to return to the Centre after a few days when they will issue you with a tax to be paid in the bank. You will then receive a Health Card.  You will of course need to take all of your paperwork with you to do this.

Many people, including Spanish citizens, opt to pay for private medical health insurance in order to have added protection. You will find that there are many insurance companies which can give you a reasonable quotation for this type of insurance.

contacts for Hospitals & Health Centres (Clinics)

If you have children of school age you can opt for private education or enrol in the local community schools which are found in each area of Mallorca.

The schools will advise you of what documents are required.

Language classes are often provided as extra help for the children. Many schools teach in Catalan but Spanish is also spoken.

Pre-school nurseries/kindergartens can be found in each area.

Buying a Vehicle

bike mallorca

If you decide to buy a vehicle (car or motorbike etc), the procedure is a quite similar to buying property. The vehicle paperwork has to be transferred into your name and this has to be done officially. Also any fines on the car/bike have to be paid for before the transfer.

You can employ an Administrator (Gestor) to check that there are no debts (parking fines etc) against the vehicle/bike and complete the transfer paperwork.  Alternatively if you have a lot of patience and don't mind waiting in a lot of queues in Trafico in Palma you can complete the process in person along with the owner or buyer which saves quite a bit of money!.

Renting Accommodation

If you decide to rent accommodation, look around in the area of your choice and then make appointments to view.  View as many as you can in order to make the correct choice.  Think about living there in Winter as well as Summer. Once you have chosen the property you wish to rent and agreed on a monthly payment, the estate agent or owner will ask normally for 1 or 2 months rent to be paid in advance.  This money will be held and should be returned to you at the end of the rental period subject to any damage in the property itself.  You will be asked to sign a rent agreement. Normally payment is made monthly from your bank account. Rental accommodation in Spain normally comes furnished which can be a bonus.

Buying Property

If you decide to buy a property, make sure that you view many properties to ensure you have made the right choice. Property in Mallorca, especially at the moment, is selling extremely quickly with inflated prices.

see our Buying Property Mallorca guideor how to rent your property with Licence to Tourists.

Annual Taxes

Most people resident in Spain have to complete a 'Declaracion de Renta' (tax return) each year. This is necessary if you have a business or if you earn over a

certain sum decided by the Tax Office each year.

This can be done for you by a Gestor for a fee or in some cases it is possible to complete this on-line. The charges vary but normally the cost will be 90-110 euros for a couple to submit a joint return.

Lost Passports

In the event of lost or stolen passports,

copies of official documents etc you might

need to use the services of the British Consulate in Palma

british consulate

Please contact us for advice or to ask a question.

Live in Mallorca – Living in Mallorca (Majorca)

mallorca map Mallorca Map

You will need an NIE number - this is required to do mostly everything in relation to living in Mallorca.

Complete the Residencia

Register with the Health Service, don't wait until you become ill!

Keep ALL paperwork in a safe place (birth, marriage certificate, NIE, residencia, passport etc

Take your papers with you when registering or applying for anything official.

Banking is not free in Majorca therefore

compare bank charges before opening an account.

When applying for a Mortgage ask for details of all charges.

In Mallorca property and vehicles hold their prices, you will pay a high price for an old car, budget accordingly!

A private sale is normally the cheapest way of purchasing a vehicle, you can check online or in newspapers.


Where to shop for your home Mallorca

find out about buying a business or looking for a property