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Currently the hot topics in Mallorca News are Brexit and Coronavirus.


The United Kingdom has now left the European Union however not everything is running smoothly. Keep up with the latest news in English.

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The Majorca Daily Bulletin can be found in shops and supermarkets around the Island. You can also read the news online with the latest stories published as the stories break. This has been a particularly useful source of information during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Majorca Daily Bulletin

Majorca Daily Bulletin

You can buy this daily newspaper in most supermarkets, newsagents and hotels throughout the Island. You can also read the latest news stories on online.    This newspaper is published in English by the same group as the popular Spanish Daily Newspaper 'Ultima Hora' (Grupo Serra). They have offices in Palma and print the newspapers from there daily and distribute them throughout the Island.

You can also find the latest Mallorca News from the Euro Weekly News which is a free weekly newspaper, printed in English and distributed throughout mainland Spain and Majorca. Read the news here online

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Euro Weekly News  

All local news and advertisements are gathered then mixed with generic news from around Spain before being printed in Palma. Early on Thursdays mornings the free copies are distributed around the Island to restaurants, bars, hotels and shops.

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Mallorca-Now News Archive Stories

Majorca Tourism will be boosted due 52 new airline routes to

Palma Airport during Summer - 4 April 2013

The routes are from Germany, UK including Ireland, Italy, Russia, France, Norway, Mainland Spain, Switzerland, Finland Poland and Hungary.

This is a welcome boost to tourism on the Island since flight numbers decreased in the first quarter in comparison to last year.

Humidity Fog in Mallorca - 15.03.2012

Cala Millor Humidity Fog in March

Cala Millor Humidity Fog in March

The extremely high air temperatures together with the cool sea temperatures over the last few days have resulted in a thick humidity fog in many areas of Mallorca. You can see the band of fog here in Cala Millor.



Low Cost Airlines

20% of people flying to Spain on low-cost airlines, flew into Palma airport.

According to recent Tourism statistics, tourist arrivals to Mallorca from June-August rose by 12.5% from last years figures.

Majorca Cruises

The number of Cruise Ships which visited Majorca has increased greatly over the last few years with 1.4 million passengers during 2011, an increase of 6% on the previous year. Although a further rise in passengers was predicted for 2012, the loss of the Costa Concordia will have an impact, in fact it is estimated that Palma has lost 2.9 million in revenue so far. The replacement ship Costa neoRomantica will begin in March 2012 although this could be replaced in May by the Costa Magica which has a much larger capacity. Cruise Ships have greatly increased tourism in Palma de Mallorca and from April 2012 some shops in Palma de Mallorca will be open on Sundays. This will be of great benefit to visiting Tourists! 


Classic Car Rally Arta - March 2012

Here are some pictures from a recent gathering of Classic Cars in the town of Arta

The Mallorca Classic Car Rally is traditionally held in March each year and many

enthusiasts gather for this occasion.

Mallorca News - News in Majorca, Classic Cars Arts October 2011Mallorca News - News in Majorca, Classic Cars

Mallorca News - News in Majorca, Classic Car Rally MallorcaMallorca News - News in Majorca, Classic Cars in Arta

Mallorca News - News in Majorca, Classic Cars and plans for a Theme Park with Concert Arena


Theme Park

The plans for Mallorca's Theme Park are being finalised and expect to be presented before the end of 2012. It is possible that this Theme Park which include a Concert Arena for up to 50,000 people, could be completed within the next 3-4 years.


Get fit and look great at Specsavers in Santa Ponça 29/02/12




Local opticians hold charity Open Day with free makeovers and Zumba Classes. Specsavers Opticas in Santa Ponça are marking the leap year by inviting local people to “Leap into a New Look” at their fun fashion, beauty and fitness event on Wednesday 29th February.

Beauticians from Santa Ponça Country Club will be there to pamper the guests totally free of charge with GHD curls, shellac nails and make-up throughout the day. Specsavers’ style advisors will guide guests through the ranges and advise them on what colour, style and shape works best for their colouring, face shape, lifestyle and personal style. This is a great opportunity for visitors to look and feel great in their glasses.

Two free Zumba Classes are being held at 13.00 and 16.30 and everyone’s welcome to give it a try. Zumba is an intense dance-aerobics workout, set to pulsating Latin music and is a really fun way to get fit and burn some calories.

As well as being a fun event, it is being held to support Specsavers Santa Ponça’s chosen charity, Allen Graham Charity 4 Kidz. Allen Graham Charity 4 Kidz is dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and young adults in Mallorca by providing homes and life skills for them when they come out of the care system. They also provide food parcels, clothing and emergency grants to support the children of local families who are going through difficult times.

Visitors can try on some of the great designer ranges from Gok Wan, Karen Millen and Benetton. These ranges offer fresh, funky and daring designs which are proving a huge hit with fashion conscious glass wearers around the World so come in and see how it matches your style.

The Open Day will run from 10am to 8pm Wednesday 29th February at the store in Avda. Rei Jaume 1, 117.


Positive News!!

Good News! - This year the the Balearic Islands have seen an increase of 8% more Brits than last year!

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