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The United Kingdom has left the European Union however not everything is running smoothly. Keep up with the latest daily news from Mallorca and the UK in English.

Daily News from Majorca Daily Bulletin

The Majorca Daily Bulletin can be found in shops and supermarkets around the Island. You can also read the news online with the very latest stories published as the stories break. This is a particularly useful source of information for the British residents in Mallorca. This newspaper is published in English by the same group as the popular Spanish Daily Newspaper 'Ultima Hora' (Grupo Serra). Their offices are in Palma where they print the newspapers daily and distribute throughout the Island.

Apart from the Latest News they also feature many other topics such as Island Life, Sport, Holiday-Tourism, Enjoying Mallorca and of course the Weather. Check out their fabulous photos and videos!

Majorca Daily Bulletin

Read Whats in the Majorca Daily Bulletin


Euro Weekly News

Weekly local news articles and advertisements are gathered then mixed with generic news from Mallorca and Spain before being printed in Palma. Early on Thursdays mornings the free copies are distributed around the Island to restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets and shops. You can also read the Euro Weekly News online.

Olive Press

News gathered from Mallorca including the rest of Spain before being distributed weekly around the Island. You can pick up a free copy from supermarkets, bars, restaurants and shops. Read the stories online direct from Olive Press Website

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Mallorca News - News in Majorca

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You can read the news on-line from your computer or smart phone, just go to the respective websites and download the App.

Read about Life here in Mallorca

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Find out about the Tourist Tax charges payable at your accommodation on arrival.

If you have a passport or document issue the British Consulate in Palma can help with advice.