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7 day Weather Forecast

The Weather is probably one of the most talked about topics on the Island.

Here you can see the the Majorca weather forecast for the next 7 days with maximum and minimum temperatures, wind speed and direction.

Majorca Annual Sunshine Hours

Here is a weather chart showing the annual sunshine hours for Majorca, Berlin and London

Majorca Weather Sunshine Hours

The Seasons in Mallorca

In Spring the weather in Majorca is normally mild with a good share of sunshine although it has been known to snow in January and February, but only a little!

When the weather changes in Spring from cold temperatures to very hot this can sometimes result in a thick humidity fog especially if the sea temperatures remain cold. You can see this happening here in Cala Millor in March 2012.

Cala Millor Humidity Fog in March

Cala Millor weather in March, humidity fog cloud

Summer weather in Majorca can be very hot and dry, just what you would expect from a Mediterranean Island! You can expect up to 10 or 11 hours of sunshine daily and temperatures reaching up to 33ºC during July and August.

Weather - Puerto Pollensa Beach in July

Puerto Pollensa weather in July

Autumn weather in Majorca is perfect for those who enjoy sunshine but not the scorching temperatures of the Summer months, in fact it is a beautiful time of year for a holiday. The intense heat of the Summer has gone and the sea temperature has warmed over the summer months. You can expect around 7 hours of sunshine daily and average temperatures of 22ºC in September and

19ºC in October. This is Cala Gran beach in Cala D'Or late September. You can see that although the time is around 1800hrs many people are making the most of the warm sea temperatures.

Weather Cala D'or - Cala Gran Beach late September

Majorca Weather, weather Cala D'or

Winter weather in Mallorca can be very pleasant. You can still expect a good deal of sunshine but temperatures can drop dramatically in the evenings! This is

Paguera (Peguera) beach in December after a glorious day of sunshine.

At this time of the year you can really enjoy the quiet beaches around Mallorca.

Paguera (Peguera) Weather in Winter

Peguera weather in winter

Although the weather in Majorca can be a little cold in the Winter months you

are guaranteed a good deal of sunshine with warm temperatures throughout the year!


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Majorca Weather

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If you are unlucky to have bad weather while visiting Mallorca, why not visit Porto Pi or Fan the largest shopping Mall on the Island.


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