Majorca or Mallorca which is correct

You will see both Majorca and Mallorca advertised but which is the correct name?

What's in a Name?

Majorca or Mallorca, which is the correct name of the Island? People ask this question regularly due to the fact that they see both ways of spelling here in Mallorca as well as the UK.

Today, locals refer to the Island as 'Mallorca' from the Catalan language frequently spoken. Lessons in public schools are taught in this language plus it is the preferred language of government and public services throughout each of the Municipalities. This is quite a surprise to many visitors who expect Spanish to be the main language spoken in Mallorca.


Prior to the death of Franco in 1975, the Island was known locally as 'Majorca' derived from being the largest, (Major) Island of the Balearics. Franco was known to be a fascist dictator, who forbid Catalan being spoken in Spain. Following his death Catalan was re-born.


In the English speaking world, especially the United Kingdom, 'Majorca' is still the preference, however perhaps in the future we will see a gradual change to Mallorca.

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Majorca or Mallorca which is correct

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