Mallorca Tourist Rental Licence

If you own a Property in Mallorca, find out how to apply for a Tourist Rental Licence

From August 2018 it was possible to apply for a Tourist Rental Licence for a Property in most areas of Mallorca except those deemed to be already Saturated. 20,000 beds (places) became immediately available with a further 10,000 to follow at a later date.

Following the release of the places, the demand was enormous for all types of property types from Villas to Apartments in multi family buildings. The application system was lengthy with many property owners employing architects and administrators to cope with the volume of paperwork necessary to complete the licence process. In addition it was necessary for many homeowners to invest funds in order to meet the high standards required to operate tourist rentals.


Due to overcrowding issues in the Balearics, a Moratorium was established to freeze applications in order that no further Licences would be granted until 2025.


In April 2023, the media has reported that the renewal process will be for 5 further years with no increase to the prices of places.



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Mallorca Tourist Rental Licence


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