Palma Cathedral and Historic Sights

Visit the Historic Sights, see Palma La Seu Cathedral, Palace of Almundaina, La Lonja, Arab Baths and the famous Churches all in one day


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As the main Historic sights are located together in the heart of the City, you could visit almost all in one day. You could start at La Seu Cathedral, followed by the Palace of Almundaina. La Lonja could be your next stop followed by a stroll through the ancient streets to the Arab Baths and finishing at the Churches of Santa Eulalia and Sant Francesc.

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Palma Cathedral La Seu

La Seu Cathedral is the main event within the Historic Centre. Palma's distinctive landmark has the most amazing Gothic Architecture. The interior hall, specially designed by Gaudi, has beautiful stained glass windows. The famous largest round window, seen from afar, has just over 1200 pieces of stained glass. This is the focal point of the Cathedral and has to be seen to be appreciated. La Seu, which runs parallel to the seafront, is situated directly beside the Parc de la Mar lake. You can't miss the stunning structure of the Cathedral, whether arriving in Palma by car, boat or even by air if you happen to fly over the City. Check the Cathedral website for up to date information on opening times and pricing.

Palace of Almundaina

The Palace of Almundaina (Palace de L'Almundaina), the Residence of the Mallorca Royal Family, is situated directly beside the Cathedral.

Calle Palau Reial


Check the Palace Website for the latest opening times and pricing.

La Lonja in the Historic Centre

La Lonja is situated to the west of La Seu (looking at the Cathedral from the sea), and can be seen from the Paseo Maritimo. At present this building is used for art exhibitions. La Lonja is a another beautiful treasure of Gothic Architecture. Check Palma Ajuntament La Lonja for more information.

Church of Santa Eulalia

Iglesias - Santa Eulalia - Sant Francesc

Two beautiful churches located a few minutes apart, not far from La Seu. Santa Eulalia Mallorca's oldest church and Sant Francesc, a truly beautiful church, well worth a visit. The Plaza de Cort, a splendid 17th century building is situated beside the churches.

Opening Times (Summer) 0800-1230 and 1730-2030

Guide to Palma Mallorca - Tourist and Travel Information, Hotels, Arab Baths in Palma

Arab Baths are found in one of the quaint narrow streets of the ancient City. The Baths date back to Muslim domination in Mallorca.

Calle de Can Serra


See more on the ancient baths

Paseo de Borne

Paseo del Borne is one of the busiest ancient streets in the centre of Palma. Near to the Plaza de Reina you will find this beautiful tree lined promenade with stone Sphinx at either end.

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Palma Cathedral and Historic Centre

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Palma Cathedral and Historic Centre

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If you are catching a flight following a Palma visit, take the A1 bus route to the Airport