Palma Cathedral and Historic Centre

A day trip to Palma, visit the Cathedral La Seu, Palace of Almundaina, La Lonja, Arab Baths and the famous Churches all in one day!


Historic Centre of Palma - Sightseeing

You can visit all of these Historic sights in one day as they are located together in the heart of the City. You could start at La Seu - Cathedral, followed by the Palace of Almundaina. La Lonja could be your next stop followed by a stroll through the ancient streets to the Arab Baths and finishing by visiting the Churches of Santa Eulalia and Sant Francesc. See the prices and opening times:

Cathedral - La Seu (Palma's crowning glory)

Palma Cathedral La Seu

If you travel to Palma you must visit the La Seu Cathedral.

The entrance price is from 7 euros

children below 11 are free

Opening Times

June - September Monday-Friday 1000-1815

Saturday 1000-1400

November - March Monday-Friday 1000-1500

Saturday 1000-1400

April, May and October Monday-Friday 1000-1700

Saturday 1000-1400

Closed Sundays

Palma's most distinctive landmark with amazing architiecture (Gothic).

Interior hall was designed by Gaudi and has to be seen to be appreciated.

This Cathedral is central in Palma, beside the Paseo Maritimo (promenade). After the visit you can enjoy a stroll through the City.

Palace de L'Almundaina

Palace of Almundaina

The Palace of Almundaina (Palace de L'Almundaina)

is situated directly beside the Cathedral

The Residence of the Royals of Mallorca

Calle Palau Reial

The price is 7.00 euros

Discounts available

Opening Times, Tuesday - Sun 1000-2000

(Winter 1000-1800)

La Lonja

La Lonja in the Historic Centre

The historic building of La Lonja is found to the west of La Seu (looking at the Cathedral from the sea), and can be seen from the Paseo Maritimo. At present this building is used for art exhibits. La Lonja is a beautiful masterpiece of gothic architecture.

Iglesia de Santa Eulalia/Sant Francesc

Church of Santa Eulalia

Two beautiful churches in Palma, located close to each other just to the east of La Seu (looking at the Cathedral from the sea near to Plaza Major), Santa Eulalia Mallorca's oldest church and Sant Francesc, a truly beautiful church, well worth a visit. The Plaza de Cort, a beautiful 17th century building is beside the churches (town hall).

Opening Times (Summer) 0800-1230 & 1730-2030

Arab BathsGuide to Palma Mallorca - Tourist and Travel Information, Hotels, Arab Baths in Palma

The Arab Baths are found in the quaint narrow streets. You will find plenty of signs.

Calle de Can Serra


(east - looking at the Cathedral from the sea)

The price is 2 euros

Opening Times 0900-1900 (1800 in winter)

These date back to Muslim domination in Mallorca

Paseo de Borne (One of Palma's ancient streets)

Paseo de Borne

Paseo de Borne is one of the busiest ancient streets in Palma, a tree lined promenade with stone Sphinxes at either end.(near to Plaza de Reina) There is a Tourist Information Centre here.

You can enjoy wandering through some of the many ancient streets of Palma from here stretching to the Plaza de Espana (train station)

You will also find a huge variety of bars and restaurants in this area, you will be spoiled for choice!

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Palma Cathedral and Historic Centre

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Palma Cathedral & Historic Centre